Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Asin's sad - I love


Newcomer in the Hindi film actress Asin told me that now I feel.He said, acted in a few films in Hindi demonstrated my ability. So bring out the talent that I think them from playing. Putumukamakave still feel it in Bollywood.Natikkirirkale is terntetutte stories. And I do not regret anything.They will not be able to play all the stories. Paravacappatutta me want to hear a story. They agree that the audience likes what I likes. நடித்துவிட்டாலும் best directors in Hindi films with leading heroes pretend to be interested. Such a large list of directors. Not love anyone. I have faith in love. ஆசிர்வதிக்கப்பட்டவர்கள் they find true love someone. But, where is all, I have the time to tell me? He said Asin.

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