Monday, May 21, 2012

Dhanush - Shruti close contacts

Dhanush - Shruti affair ends are still unknown. Close contacts between the two, to Aishwarya Dhanush's wife and enrages  were living in a house alone and Dhanush.Aishwarya Dhanush with his wife and children, but has gone to South Africa and it was from his side.Dhanush - Aishwarya - News issue, Kasturiraja Dhanush's father said, "Dhanush - Aishwarya is the true fight. But it is usually the husband - wife to give up fight. There is not any vittulatan fight.Dhanush - Aishwarya fighting wild pitch to the right. Dhanush with Shruti pretending to be looking very closely truth-in-law was furious. It is correct to say that any woman? Although a tairaktara the right Sean, wife Aishwarya they care so much anger, true intimacy. The reason is that aisvaryavota love. And son-in-law appappo cinnaccinna this coming fight. But they're wrong pirincu valarankannu.Dhanush is likely to be at home with their children on the ice with his yatra, there are linka ... everyone. We are all loving family. Ones can not break it! ", He said.

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