Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trash in London alliya Anushka, Vikram


Thaandavam shooting firecrackers during the London papers to think of the villain, Vikram will help.
A. Director. L.. Vijay Vikram, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Lakshmi Rai including film Thaandavam to keep. Most part of the film was shot in London. The film crew was staying in London. Crackers exploded in a scene for the story. If our film crew crackers vetittuvittu trash the place to be and say nothing. But to do so in the foreign country's law Five kotukkatallava.
So they understand that erupted cracker put the convex patakkuluvinare trash. Since foreign filming took less atkalaiye. The lack of people's hero Vikram, Anushka has to think even the trash.
Oops ituvallava sense of duty ....

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