Monday, August 20, 2012

Amalap reached the heart of ilacukal ....!

Tamil cinema, a hero kanavukkanniyay identifies each period. In that order, in the short term, only appearing in certain films, in the heart of ilacukal reached, Amala Paul.Tamil cinema's "Kerala imports, he did not go plenty. Oct 1991., 26, was born in Kochi. Who has the desire; ANAGHA implementation transformed cinema. In 2009, "nilatamra came to the screen in a Malayalam film, Amala.Vaikkuma beauties of Tamil cinema? In 2010, viracekaran film debut in Tamil. Next, Controversy and director Sami's "acting in cintucamaveli, locked in Controversy."Now out ... that Amala, Kollywood when echoed, who flew in the same year," Myna, Amala Paul "alekkay" tukkiccenratu. Next, ativekamay began implementation of the innings."Teyvattirumakal, hunt, love how the cotappu, muppolutum your imaginations, as the youth kirankati took many incarnations. "You skirt puppotta enough for me, and I wanted to show the film festival on Friday, as the enforcement of a stunning mutintapatillai all nonsense. "Akasinte pisiyay in color because of the Malayalam film, suffering Tamil directors.Amala is not the time to know, "when contacted by Facebook," "Total naticcirukken Figure 13. The eight, Tamil film. Tankippititta I can not forget Tamil cinema. In response to the Tamil, Telugu pejavata, Love Failure grabbed the opportunity."Akasinte color over there (in Tamil) will return only that, beautiful" type reports."Oops ... waiting for the cooling fans as standard when it comes to implementation, we can give comfort mejec sent via Amala Paul!

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