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Monday, July 30, 2012

'Fan club' will start Hansika Motwani

 'Groom' Hansika Motwani debut as heroine in the film. With Jayam Ravi 'out of love', with Vijay 'Teenagers' films.

Hansika in Singapore to conduct a referendum in the Tamil system but in line with the fans 'kanavukanni' award. Hansika visited this award buy and turned to Chennai.
Hansika's interview are as follows: -
I am a foreign organization 'kanavukanni' award glad. This is my first international award. Tamil films have played both. I have fans all over the world were selected for this award.
I start racikarmanram ஆர்வப்படுகின்றனர் many fans. I have asked for that permission. We have to consult my health lovers. Racikarmanram about to begin reporting results soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hansika weight reduction treatment in the United States!

Actress Hansika cenrullaram States to reduce body weight. Kollywood, Tollywood Hansika appears with a large cast. He is currently starring with Udayanidhi Stalin Ok Ok Hittanataiyatuttu become outdated in his films. 2 Movies with Simbu, Surya is busy with the Lion 2.
Yes, I will come to Matter. Take talk about Hansika Oh, that koluk, to say that it is customary for moluk actress. All other heroines who keep cikkenru body weight is only a little.
In this case, I do not know what the name of that dream girl of Kollywood purchased cenruvittaram United States, he took flight. The reduction in body weight after cilimmana tirumpuvaram country. But it's a good idea to cut yourself why the United States should go. What inkillata facilitate. It cut yourself while all the actresses flies.

Ready to build the Temple!

Ready to build the Temple!
Ready to build the Temple! - In the list of millionaire hansika! Tamil fans 'banal' model kummenru continued since the start of Tamil cinema actresses mitan dizzy.Khushboo peak of the unconscious, they saw nameetha for temple. Now they hansika Motwani's latest dream girl.

Two of the newly plapkal tallatittu the fact, now Teenagers, by OK OK hits of Tamil cinema has become a much-loved heroine. I hope the next two films in his hand lender.

King of hunting with Simbu, Surya Singam 2 with the big-budget films. In order for a dozen producers in the door! Effect ... Kirrenru salary of Rs 75 lakh is rising. The salary of patattukkutan remake of Delhi Belly. The following films will be pressure now that a million.

Hansika so far acted in 4 films, Tamil impossible. Another page, fan club set up, in the name of a Hindu temple in Trichy page waiting to Madam's permission.

Ready to build the Temple?