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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Itik muttamittat not tilt the nose Ileana ... Vijay description!

 Why I Kissed Ileana Vijay Explains Aid0091

Ileana if need kissed his friend on the display. However, he never kissed me face to face. They kissed on the nose that itik Vijay has a different interpretation.
I have a friend of a friend and rapid image has a group with the peak of happiness.Vijay will continue starring in films such as how fans can say with enthusiasm.
Men, women, children, elders and seeing all sides can be seen in the wave hit the theaters. Tamil film at the box office, the film also happy that my friend is watching.
Vijay last met in this case. He said,
My film is going very well. Muriyatittullat record of my previous films coming up at the box office and information. Was interested in the role of different characters. I liked when 3 Idiots in Hindi. So did the remake. This is the story of a character to play, director, producer, that everyone should be like.
It is your friend in the film. In this action, no punch dialogues. Ten people were hiroyicam a friend to fight off different types of image hiroyicam character.
The difference between me and wanted to see the screen. I passed it on film. Punch dialogues in my films would not want to impose. If you need only talk scenes.
If I need a friend in the film with Ileana acted in kissing scene. However, the kiss did not face to face. Had the tilt, nose to nose, not itik.
Srikanth, Jeeva Band dismounting scenes do not seem to be wrong. Rakkinkukal happens in college. I have close friends in the film Jeeva Srikkanth.
Kattippattu modern education system that is in the film's mistakes. Students are interested in any field in which to send. My father wanted me doctor. I was interested in acting came to the cinema. My son is interested in cricket.
The gun acting in the film. The film will be in a different dimension. Film entertainment tax exemption given to a friend to thank the Chief Minister said Vijay.
In response to questions from reporters as well act in a Hindi film, movie, laughed and asked why that poyttir alright.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot stills of Ileana