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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sushmita underwear revealed in a press conference amartirunta

  பத்திரிக்கையாளர் சந்திப்பில் உள்ளாடை தெரிய அமர்திருந்த சுஷ்மிதா சென்(வீடீயோ இனைப்பு)

Former Miss Universe, actressSeated at a press conference in Sushmita Sen and his

Find underwear.Former Miss Universe, actress Sushmita Shea in the past, the organization has started in 2010. The organization conducts beauty contest Miss Universe and Miss Asia Pacific beauty pageants success is sent to. The Miss Asia Pacific beauty of this system yatu send himankini Singh has won the title.Welcoming him to the press meeting organized by the founder of the organization associated with Sushmita Sen body wearing little clothing. He was chair amarntapotu already know thigh dress, and it was underwear. Unmindful, he spoke about the success of this himankini. But there has forced photographers to take a picture of his underwear amartiruntatai know.Sushmita was not playing in the last 2 years, the film has got a deal on some of the new images. Will be revealed later this year or next year's films.