Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shakuni - Karthi first drift


Actor Karthi since the beginning of hit films, directed by Shankar Dayal high expectations for the film was based Shakuni. Tireylarkalum of the film, posters and the expectations and worse.
Ajith's 'Billa 2' with the film 'Shakuni' question the level of competition alone is not kalamat screen debut Shakuni. Itikkamal be set up to bridge the traditional ancestral house, its politicians at election time dependent Karthik Chennai to account.
Karthi Santhanam said the new strategy  pilaspakkai.  who plays the villain, and Andrea have come கதாபாத்திரங்களாகவே shroud. Pranita beautiful heroines appear to be the heroine, he could not play because I have more scenes.
Criterion is the expected role of Radhika. Advice to politicians in the film that has descended on Shakuni Karthi's character in the film not only for its issue piraccinaik patupatamal people and the public would have been better if poratiyirunt. Rose, Radhika, Kota cinivacarav, Kiran is incomplete, and the characters are all taken care of.
Despite good pressure Nasser, the director failed to use that character. Prakash Raj as usual with his character as well. Unexpected end of the film some scenes in the audience laugh, and makes Browse.
For the next few scenes before the fans kanittu kaitattalakalai. Theater fans are waiting for the story of the lights were burned out looking like katuppaki.
Kilaimeks guessed that the hero will come of it, that would be dependent on Santhanam's comedy fans sitting on their emarratatai Shankar Dayal worthy of praise.
Karthi starrer Shakuni - "Karthi's first drift"

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