Monday, August 20, 2012

Actress Tamanna producer on the case

 Actress Tamanna 'KD' was introduced in Tamil cinema through the film. 'Illiterate', 'found love' has many Tamil and Telugu films.
Tamanna's debut film industry for the past 9 years ago to deal with a major headache for now, he said.Actress Tamanna's first film 'Chandu Shah Roshan Chehra'. The 2003 film - film producer Salim Akhtar Tamanna signed in Hindi.Tamanna in this contract is signed, but the deal had violated Tamanna Saleem Akhtar said that he would continue on the case.This, he said: -Tamanna my daughter studied in the same school. He thinks the opportunity to plaster my daughter recommended tamannavirku Roshan in the movie. She persuaded me that Tamanna is very beautiful.Tamanna after my parents came home. The above agreement was given a chance to play with him. Tamanna later moved to South Indian cinema. I spoke with him, he did not recognize kontapotilum contract. Under the agreement did not give me the money. In the letters of his name was modified.His family name 'Granny' just keep ignoring claimed that Tamanna. Currently in Hindi 'Himmatwala' is the film. Tamanna have to deal with that with my answer.Otherwise, he decided to pursue a case on. He said Saleem Akhtar.

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