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Asin's sad - I love


Newcomer in the Hindi film actress Asin told me that now I feel.He said, acted in a few films in Hindi demonstrated my ability. So bring out the talent that I think them from playing. Putumukamakave still feel it in Bollywood.Natikkirirkale is terntetutte stories. And I do not regret anything.They will not be able to play all the stories. Paravacappatutta me want to hear a story. They agree that the audience likes what I likes. நடித்துவிட்டாலும் best directors in Hindi films with leading heroes pretend to be interested. Such a large list of directors. Not love anyone. I have faith in love. ஆசிர்வதிக்கப்பட்டவர்கள் they find true love someone. But, where is all, I have the time to tell me? He said Asin.

Trisha's new pictures

த்ரிஷாவின் புத்தம் புதிய படங்கள்


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 Trisha Latest Stillsத்ரிஷா,,த்ரிஷா,,த்ரிஷா,,



 Trisha Latest Stillsத்ரிஷா,த்ரிஷா,த்ரிஷா,

Trisha Latest Stills 

த்ரிஷா, த்ரிஷா,த்ரிஷா,

Trisha Latest Stills 


த்ரிஷா, த்ரிஷா,த்ரிஷா,



Sushmita underwear revealed in a press conference amartirunta

  பத்திரிக்கையாளர் சந்திப்பில் உள்ளாடை தெரிய அமர்திருந்த சுஷ்மிதா சென்(வீடீயோ இனைப்பு)

Former Miss Universe, actressSeated at a press conference in Sushmita Sen and his

Find underwear.Former Miss Universe, actress Sushmita Shea in the past, the organization has started in 2010. The organization conducts beauty contest Miss Universe and Miss Asia Pacific beauty pageants success is sent to. The Miss Asia Pacific beauty of this system yatu send himankini Singh has won the title.Welcoming him to the press meeting organized by the founder of the organization associated with Sushmita Sen body wearing little clothing. He was chair amarntapotu already know thigh dress, and it was underwear. Unmindful, he spoke about the success of this himankini. But there has forced photographers to take a picture of his underwear amartiruntatai know.Sushmita was not playing in the last 2 years, the film has got a deal on some of the new images. Will be revealed later this year or next year's films.

India's Miss February - Japan TV Channel Notification

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Tokyo, Japan's famous television announced that India's Miss February.Photos of beautiful women in various countries of the world, based on their approach to each country, declares to be a popular model, TV Tokyo.Google has announced this year's model, the famous Tokyo television.Photo taken by photographer Karthik Srinivasan's a photo of Namitha choose from album, released this announcement.The notification letter issued by the television:'Who's cuki Co. G - Urban legends Special' (Yari-sugi ko-ji-Urban LegendsSpecial) November 2 in the title - a special broadcast on research. We have selected Google as a model for India.November 2 - mteti be aired on the show. Interesting facts in every country of the world, the organization hosted events aim of this event. In that category, this year's model in several countries offer a special event. How beauty varies from country to country and that the aim kattuvatutan.Karthik Srinivasan Indian artist took this picture of Google have chosen to be representative of the Indian beauty.We've chosen to be representative of the image of beauty that India News notify the formal announcement, "said

Semi-nude Bollywood actress: Sri Lanka shooting in the dark!

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Canadian actress Sunny Leone is known for starring in porn films. He is currently acting in a film in Hindi vaukirar. It is important to appeal to the director of the film makes.Bollywood and so much raciyakivittatu bikini. Earlier Hollywood actresses wearing only bikini take Sun Bath. Bollywood films now come in dressed in a bikini, but the existing level of competition is natikaikalitaiye. Kuraikkinranaram few actresses who play a bikini body.Sunny Leone starring in porn films Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt's Jism 2 is acting in the film. The film's shooting is currently going on in Sri Lanka. The sunny shores of beautiful bikini shot the scenes. The images published in tuvittar director Mahesh Bhatt.In addition bikini scene in the film Jism 2 bedroom scenes with Randeep Hooda plays Sunny Leone. The bedroom scenes when the film director has already stated that he is very kuccappattat.

Delnaaz Irani

டெல்நாஸ் இரானி

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nirvana Sutra in 3D: serl the next sensation of cepra

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 Chopra is an Indian model of serl is by far the only way.Popular English magazine 'Playboy' magazine to pose naked and be proud of it's serl Chopra were talking, and stopping "the amount of money at a time when many men experienced as pleasure," recently said proudly. More recently she has put her on Twitter, her pornographic images.The Kama Sutra is an action 3D film is now also going to act in the nude, he said.We are going to screen the film hpestivallilum International hplim.Rupes ready to go back on the Direction of the film several new positions in the Kama Sutra படமாக்கப்போகிறார்களாம். Serl's beauty, bright premises intaiya kavarntiruppat very young, he has to act in this film rupes milk.Direction by Paul rupes in English 'trakula 3 D film shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The Kama Sutra is held in the year 2013 as well as 3-D image on a screen திட்டமிட்டிருக்கிறாராம் International Film Festival.Already on miranayar Direction release 'Kama Sutra' film Indira Varma, Sarita Chaudhury's performance kirankatittatu fans. The 3-D version even go one step further in order to attract audiences serl Chopra's film with other actors, actresses, select ceykiraram seeing Paul.The shooting of this film is to start early next year.